Tutor Guardian Scheme


SLIET Longowal has introduced this scheme to have one to one interaction with students. For a batch of about fifteen students, a teacher is assigned the role of Tutor-Guardian. Tutor Guardian works as a friend, philosopher and guide for these students. He keeps the track of every student’s day-to-day activities and records daily attendance, test results, internal assessment, prelim examination results and other related information of students in a tutor guardian book.


  • To acclimatize the new students to the campus life in SLIET, Longowal
  • To provide academic counseling
  • To enlighten the students on professional ethics and conduct
  • To ease the trauma of transfer to a new place
  • To communicate with the ward’s parents
  • Providing emotional support to students on individual basis.
  • Helping students overcome home sickness.
  • Establishing rapport between teachers, student & parents.
  • Monitoring attendance and behavioral aspects of every student.
  • Identifying weak areas and working out remedies helping students thereby taking their complete care.


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