Microprocessor and Microcontroller Lab


Location: E-226
Faculty In-charge: Prof. Anupma Marwaha
Technician In-charge: Sh. Partap Singh

Objective: This laboratory familiarizes the students with basic architecture and operation of 8085, 8086 microprocessors. The laboratory is helpful in developing programming techniques and debugging skills. It also includes 8085 interfacing to various I/O devices and peripheral devices such as RS-232C, 8155/8255. The laboratory provides a platform to the students to design and develop real time projects.

List of Equipments:
1. Microprocessor training kit based on 8085
2. Microprocessor training kit based on 8086
3. PC Control software for TA 4000-32
4. 8255 Logic control card
5. Z-80 based up kit
6. Microcontroller kit based on 8051
7. EPROM programmer and eraser
8. Emulator 8051 MSC training board
9. Industrial PLC trainer Micrologix 1000
10. PLC trainer FB 20MA
11. Test equipment electronics workstation
12. Universal microprocessor development kit with LCD display, module & accessories