Research Grants/Research Projects


List of Sponsored Projects of ECE Department

(a) Research and Development Projects

Title of the project Duration of project Funding Agency

Amount of grant


Optical Metrology of ultra-short pulses for design of flexible MIMO based next-generation optical Communication Network. 2 Years DST-RFBR, New Delhi 21.48 Lakhs On-Going
Design of all photonics logic circuits based on optical nonlinearities of semiconductor laser amplifier for ultra-high-speed applications (In collaboration with Punjabi University, Patiala) 3 Years SERB, New Delhi 37.37 Lakhs On-Going
Financial Assistance to the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering of SLIET Longowal to augment of research facilities in the Department 5 Years DST, New Delhi 61 Lakhs On-Going
Design and development of photonic plasmonic biosensors for detection of heavy metals in ground water of Punjab. 3 Years AICTE, New Delhi 25 Lakhs On-Going
Design of Photonics Crystal Fiber Biosensor for Biochemical and Chemical Applications 6 Months FICCI, New Delhi  4.00 Lakhs Completed
Design and Development of Novel Optoelectronic   Devices for High-Speed Reconfigurable Optical Access Networks. 3 Years SERB, NEW DELHI 20.70 Lakhs Completed
Enhancement of Flexibility of Optical Communication Networks 3 Years AICTE, NEW DELHI 15 Lakhs Completed
Reconfiguration of Optical Fiber Links in Optical Network Topologies for Enhancement of Broadband Optical Communication Networks 1 Years TEQIP, SLIET LONGOWAL 0.75 Lakhs Completed
Low Power Application Specific Digital Signal Processing on Reconfigurable Platform 3 Years MHRD, New Delhi 10 Lakhs Completed
Neural Modeling of Transducers 3 Years MHRD, New Delhi 10 Lakhs Completed


(b) MODROB Grants


Title of the project Sanctioned Amount Funding Agency Status
Modernization of Wireless and Mobile Communication Lab) Rs. 11.10/- Lakhs AICTE, New Delhi On-Going
Modernization and Up-gradation of Digital Signal Processing Lab Rs.7.00/- Lakhs MHRD, New Delhi Completed
Advancement of Communication Lab Rs.9.00/- Lakhs MHRD, New Delhi Completed
Enhancement of Rural productivity (A joint project in collaboration with EDP Department, SLIET, Longowal) Rs.7.00/- Lakhs MHRD, New Delhi Completed
Repair & Maintenance of T.V., VCR and Other Electronic Equipments Rs.2.87/- Lakhs MHRD, New Delhi Completed
Studies on Optical Fiber Non-linearity and Dispersion for Broadband Optical Communication Systems and Networks (A joint project in collaboration with REC, Jalandhar) Rs.6.00/- Lakhs MHRD, New Delhi Completed
Modernization and Up-Gradation of Micro-Processor and Digital System Design Lab Rs.15.00/- Lakhs MHRD, New Delhi Completed