Printed Circuit Board Lab

Location: E-105

Faculty In-charge:- Er. Sarbjeet Singh
Technician In-charge:- Sh. Ravinder Singh

Objective: The major objective of this laboratory is to select and use appropriate test equipment and procedures from a wide range of possibilities; to analyze and interpret test results and measurements on electric circuits, in terms of theoretical models. The laboratory can also be used to predict the performance of electric circuits from device characteristics and to design an electronic printed circuit board for a specific application using industry-standard software

List of Equipment

  1. Laminate shearing machine
  2. Ultraviolet exposure unit
  3. PCB plate hole inspector magnification
  4. PCB hole diameter gauge
  5. Rotary stripper
  6. Temperature control soldering and disordering station
  7. VPL PCB-making machine
  8. Test equipment workstation
  9. Master unit basic electronic kit
  10. Transistor amplifier exp kit
  11. Transistor signal & feedback amplifier kit
  12. Operational amplifier circuit exp kit
  13. Advanced operational amplifier exp kit
  14. Timer 555 & frequency 565 exp kit