Optical and Microwave Communication Lab

















Location: EE-101

Faculty-in-charge:- Dr. Kundan Kumar
Lab-in-charge:- Sh. Suman Kumar

Objectives:-This laboratory aims to familiarize the students about the various antennas used in microwave range. The students are able to measure the radiation pattern (in E & H planes) with rotating antenna platforms, dipole antennas, Yagi-Uda antennas, horn antennas and parabolic reflectors. It is also equipped with microwave bench including various waveguide components for carrying out experiments on microwave techniques (Gunn diode, isolator, Klystron power supply, PIN modulator, slotted line, directional coupler, variable and fixed attenuator, frequency meter, circulator, movable short, matched terminal etc.).

List of Equipment
1. Antenna trainer kits
2. Microstrip & Rod Antenna trainer with 22 antennas
3. Microwave bench, Horn antenna bench, Klystron power supply, attenuators VSWR meter
4. Directional coupler
5. Directional coupler