Optoelectronics Nano Devices Research Lab













Location: EE-110

Faculty-in-Charge: Prof. Surinder Singh

Lab-in-Charge: Sh. Suman Kumar, LA (ECE)

The laboratory is established to impart the basic knowledge of various fundamentals of optical communication and biosensing research area. The experiments are designed to impart fundamental knowledge to all branches of Diploma, Under-Graduate, Post-graduate students and Research Scholars. The experiments are conducted on wide ranges of instruments; these instruments are highly accurate and reliable for their usage and follow protection and safety for both user and equipment. This laboratory’s most advantageous feature is that it supports carrying out any experimental work related to optics. The photonic sensing research area is also efficiently explored in this research lab and a proper facility to design, analyze and testing analytes is available in this lab.

The experiments include all the basics and essentials of the subject. This involves knowledge about various communication schemes, networks, formulation and analysis of the communication network, understanding principles of light propagation and implementing them in network communication systems according to their applications. Finally, all the experiments are conducted under ethical principles to troubleshoot and safely install devices based on the norms of engineering practices.

List of Major Equipments in the lab:

S.No Major Equipment in Lab
1 Laser Source
2 Spectrometer
3 Optical Spectrum Analyser
4 Fusion Splicer
5 Experiment Setup Light Runner Standard
6 Fiber Cleaver
7 Fiber Stripper
8 Optical Fiber
9 Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR)

Simulator for network design

(OptiSimv3.1, FemSim, Optisystem V.1, MatLab, etc.)