Machine Vision and Motion Control Lab


Location: E-205

Faculty In-charge: – Dr. Amar Partap Singh Pharwaha
Technician In-charge: – Sh. Gurmit Singh

Objective: This laboratory includes hardware kits as well software simulators to learn an integrated approach for solving machine vision applications.  This laboratory also facilitates to conduct of computer-aided motion control experiments. The main focus is to train the students to design the applications to automate industrial processes, such as material inspection, object recognition, pattern recognition, and electronic component analysis, along with the recognition of signatures, optical characters, and currency.

List of Equipment

Name of equipment Make and model

Image Processing Equipment (Monochrome Machine Vision System):

(a) Sony IEEE1394 Monochrome Camera 1024×768 Resolution 30FPS,

(b) NI-PCI-8252, IEEE1394 Integrated Board and Vision Acquisition Software,

(c) IEEE1394, 400MBPS Non-Latching Cable, 2-5 meters,

(d) Lens 2mm Fixed,

(e) NI PCI-7344, 4-Axis Servo/Step Motion Controller for Windows,

(f) SHC68-C68-S, 68 Pin VHDC-2m,

(g) UMI-7744 Universal Motion Interface with D-Stub Connectors for Industrial Applications

(h) SH68-C68-S68 Pin VHDCS to 68 Pin 05 Series D-type 12m

Sony&National Instruments

Wireless Communication Hardware

(a) WLS-911

(b)Power Supply

National Instruments

RGB Image Processing Equipment including:

(a) Color RGB Camera

(b) Lens 12mm,

(c) Cable I/O cable

(d) Cable IEEE1394B to 1394B

(e) NI Vision Development module with Run Time License

Besler Vision & National Instruments
NI Vision Builder for Automated Inspection National Instruments

Vision Camera Illumination System Accessories:

(a) Model LL5806

(b)Model 040401

(c) Model RL 1424

(d)Model SL 2420

Advanced Illumination
NI Educational lab.Education(NI ELVIS II Hardware) National Instruments
NI ELVIS Trainer Kit National Instruments
LabVIEW Software having Ten user Teaching Licence for Windows National Instruments