U.G. Project Lab



Faculty–in–Charge: Dr. Dilip Kumar and Er. Vivek Harshay

Lab-in-charge: Sh. Partap Singh

The purpose of UG Project Laboratory is to enable the students to get familiar with hardware and software tools through hands-on mode. This laboratory demands the essential knowledge of circuit design & fault analysis from the students which they learn during the four years of study of Electronics & Communication engineering. Along with the theoretical knowledge, the accumulated hands-on experience also enhances by solving different design problems in this laboratory. The students are able to develop prototypes on the solid foundations of the basic concepts of electronics components, their specification and circuit designing. Thus, the Lab is useful to train the students how to interface and select components for the desired circuit by studying the datasheets.

The high-end lab facilities in the project lab consist of the following equipment.

  1. Universal Programmer and Tester
  2. Workstation
  3. Oscilloscope, Digital Power Supply
  4. Digital Multimeters
  5. IoT development kit
  6. Raspberry Pi 3
  7. Arduino Uno/Nano
  8. Interfacing Cards for Process applications
  9. Micro Controller development boards
  10. Breadboard for Designing and Testing circuits
  11. Discrete Interfacing Components