Servicing and Maintenance/Industrial Electronics Lab

Location: E-203

Faculty-in-charge:- Er. Alka Singla

Technician-in-charge:- Ms. Gurmeet Kaur

Objective: The laboratory aims to equip the student with a basic understanding of the operating characteristics of power semiconductor devices and fundamentals of power converter circuits including ac/dc rectifiers, dc/ac inverters, dc/dc converters and ac/ac converters. This laboratory also caters to the needs of ICD students to perform testing and troubleshooting of electronic equipment and circuits. It essentially develops high quality professional servicing skills in the students.

List of Equipments
1. Photo transistor kit
2. Induction heat unit
3. DC to DC and DC to AC converter
4. Solar cell characteristics kit
5. UJT relaxation oscillator kit
6. SCR motor controlled unit
7. Phase controlled using SCR
8. SCR characteristics kit
9. Diac, triac and UJT characteristics kit
10. AC phase control kit
11. Chopper circuit trainer kit
12. Inverter trainer with rechargeable battery
13. Single phase to single midpoint cycloconverter
14. Single phase dual converter
15. Series commutated scr inverter
16. SCR parallel inverter
17. Power industrial electronics trainer (Model-XPO-PE)
18. Digital storage oscilloscope
19. Single phase cyclo converter
20. Single phase half control bridge
21. Commutation circuit trainer
22. R & RC firing circuit
23. Power electronics kit
24. rectifier and filter circuit kit
25. SCR based half/full wave rectifier kit
26. Zener diode as voltage rectifier trainer
27. Trainer to control light intensity of bulb using triac
28. Mobile Telephone trainer kit
29. CRO trainer
30. UPS system trainer