Digital System Design/Digital Linear Circuit Lab

Location:- 223

Faculty In-charge: Prof. Ajay Pal Singh

Technician In-charge: Sh. Gurmit Singh

Objectives: The laboratory houses the equipment for conducting digital system design lab course and integrated circuits lab course. The aim of this laboratory is to acquire the basic knowledge of digital logic levels and to design and verify basic digital electronics circuits. It includes designing and testing of combinational circuits, sequential circuits, digital logic families and programmable logic devices.
The laboratory also introduces the basic building blocks of linear integrated circuits to understand fundamental characteristics of op-amps. It includes design of various applications using op-amp as integrator, differentiator, log, antilog and wave generation circuits.

List of Equipments:
1. Linear IC trainer
2. Digital IC tester
3. Op amp adder-subtractor kit
4. Op amp integrator-differentiator kit
5. Digital storage oscillioscope
6. Logic analyzer
7. Digital counter kit
8. Flip flop trainer
9. Electronic workstation
10. Hand held oscilloscope