Basic Electronics Devices and Circuit Lab


Location- 201

Faculty-in-charge – Er. Kuldip Singh
Technician-in-charge- Sh. Jujhar Singh

Objectives: The aim of this laboratory is to give practical exposure to students on various electronic components, semiconductor devices and electronics instruments which facilitates to design basic electronic circuits and analyze their characteristics. The laboratory caters to the courses on basic electronic devices and analog electronic circuits enabling the students to verify the theoretical concepts of electronic devices and circuits. This laboratory also includes the analysis of analog electronic circuits using hardware kits as well as on MULTISIM/ORCAD spice simulator.

List of equipment
1. Work station
2. DSO 50Mhz
3. 100 MHz CRO
4. Schmitt’s trigger kit
5. Phase Splitter Kit
6. FET amplifier kit
7. Two stage R-C coupled amplifier kit
8. RC/LC oscillator kit
9. Wein bridge Audio oscillator kit
10. RLC differentiating & integrating kit
11. Diode Clipper & Clamper
12. Transistor clipping circuit kit (using IC 741)
13. Diode clamping kit using IC 741
14. Transistor (CB,CE,CC) amplifier kit
15. FET characteristics kit
16. MOSFET characteristics kit
17. Feedback amplifier kits
18. Thermocouple
19. Digital pressure meter
20. Tuned RF amplifier kit
21. Push pull amplifier kit
22. Photo electric transducer trainer
23. Oscillator kits
24. Transistor characteristics trainer ME533
25. Wheatstone bridge
26. Rectifier trainer
27. Single stage amplifier kit
28. 2 stage R-C coupled amplifier kit.
29. Basic analog electronic trainer & system
30. Acquisition of various sensors
31. LVDT trainer
32. Temperature transducer trainer
33. Hartley and Colpitts oscillator
34. Transistor h-parameter kit
35. Characteristics of MOSFET/FET kit
36. Diode characteristic trainer
37. Kelvin Bridge trainer