Advance Communication System Lab

Location: E-204

Faculty In-charge:- Er. Vipul Singhal
Technician In-charge:- Sh. Amarjit Singh

Objective: This laboratory includes hardware kits as well software simulator to analyze different analog and digital communication systems in time and frequency domain. The main focus is to train the students to design the circuits for transmission and reception of analog and digital signals. Analysis of various analog/digital modulators and de-modulators circuits can be performed. The laboratory is also equipped with advanced trainer kits to learn the concepts of practical communication systems including optical communication, satellite communication etc.

List of Equipment
1. Synthesized signal generator
2. AM modulator/demodulator
3. FM modulator/demodulator
4. Digital modulation experimenter
5. Sampling & reconstruction trainer
6. TDM / PCM transmitter trainer
7. TDM / PCM receiver trainer
8. Delta , sigma & adaptive modulation & demodulation trainer
9. AM transmitter/receiver trainer
10. FM transmitter/receiver trainer
11. Transmission line system trainer
12. Telegrapher printer
13. Fiber optic connectorization kit
14. Fiber optic training kit
15. EPABX trainer
16. Satellite communication trainer
17. Antenna system
18. Data conditioning & carrier modulation trainer
19. Data conditioning & carrier demodulation trainer
21. Pulse communication trainer
22. Mobile communication trainer
23. GPS trainer
24. Logic analyzer (100Mhz, 24 channel)
25. Data modem trainer
26. MSK modulation & demodulation trainer
27. Noise Audio amp trainer
28. DTMF telephone trainer
29. Optical video link trainer
30. Digital LCR-Q Meter
31. Hand Held Oscilloscope
32. Digital / Analog IC tester
33. DSO 60 MHz
34. Frequency Division Multiplexer
35. Time Division Multiplexing (Analog/Digital)
36. Optical Power Meter