Television Engineering/ Audio Video Lab

Location: E-207

Faculty In-charge:- Prof. J. S. Ubhi
Technician In-charge:- Sh. Vijay Prashar

Objective: This laboratory provides information on the technical instrumentation and application possibilities of the TV and VCR installed in the television engineering lab. This laboratory can be used for education, research and innovation for television regarding projects.

List of Equipments
1. B&W TV trainer 14″
2. TV signal level meter (db)
3. RF power meter
4. Spectrum analyzer
5. Wabbuloscope
6. Booster amplifier trainer
7. Colour pattern generator
8. Colour TV trainers
9. PCB making machine
10. DTMF telephone trainer
11. Microwave oven trainer
12. Washing machine trainer
13. Hand held oscilloscope
14. Digital/ analog IC tester
15. Audio video Tx./Rx. Trainer
16. LCD/TV & DTH trainer
17. LED TV trainer
18. Multimedia computer trainer