Digital Signal Processing Lab

Faculty In-charge: Er. Pankaj Kumar Das
Technician In-charge: Sh. Ravinder Singh

Objective: This laboratory provides a modern introduction to logic design and the basic building blocks used in digital system. It deals with sequential circuits, random access memories, and modern logic devices such as field programmable logic gates. The laboratory integrates hands-on experience with modern computer-aided design software including logic simulation, minimization and an introduction of the use of hardware description language (VHDL/ Verilog HDL). Students learn the design flow from theory to software or hardware implementation and acquire practical knowledge by analyzing signals, with examples from the real world. The hands-on assignments make use of the Xilinx ISE tool chain for the design and implementation of variety of projects.

List of Equipments
1. DSP development system hardware with power supply & accessories
2. DSP development kit based on TMS320C67X
3. Universal FPGA kit for xilinx& altera EDAS & accessories
4. Xtreme DSP development kit system generator for DSP
5. Xilinx foundation ISE software
6. DSP application trainer
7. Bloom with DSP, DSP interactive/tutorial graphical software (10 user)
8. FPGA/CPLD development package universal VLSI kit
9. DSP 2181 based DSP board
a. FPGA trainer Sparten-2
b. VLSI development plate from with wireless communication FPGA sparten-2 (200)
10. Spartan 3E development board
11. DSP starter kit with TMC320c-6713
12. FPGA based reconfigurable radio development system