Student Mentor Scheme


The Student Mentor Scheme helps new students to settle into campus life. Many students coming to campus will go through a transitional period. They must adapt to new ways of learning and teaching, as well as living away from home, often for the first time. The Student Mentor(s) is a team of current students, trained to offer you help and support whilst you live in hostel accommodation.

The objectives of the scheme

  • Advice on student life, settling into campus, homesickness, personal difficulties, and your general wellbeing.
  • Getting on with your roommates, accommodation and living with others.
  • Exam stress, extenuating circumstances, transitioning into studying at campus and other academic queries.
  • Opportunities to meet other students from your course.
  • Referencing, note taking and what to expect from the course.
  • Insider tips on surviving the first year at university and student life specific to your department.
  • Ideas on the different opportunities you can get involved in around campus.
  • Giving relevant, recent, and reliable advice that they have been trained to provide.
  • Answering the questions, you really want to ask.


2020-21 SMS List

SMS-20-21-Electronics & Communication Engg Dept. (1)

2021-22 SMS List

SMS-2021-22-Electronics & Communication Engg Dept. (1)